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Building permits and inspections

Issuing building permits is the core function of a building surveyor.  The dedicated team at RBC has experience in issuing building permits for projects of all shapes and sizes across many industries, including but not limited to:

  • Hospitality - cafes, restaurants, bars.
  • Retail - shops, shopping centres.
  • Healthcare - hospitals, medical centres, day surgeries.
  • Education - childcare, primary schools, high schools, universities.
  • Industrial - warehouses, factories.
  • Residential - houses, townhouses, apartments.

Building surveyors assess building permit applications against relevant requirements (Building Act, Building Regulations, Building Code of Australia) and then issue building permits to permit the works to begin.  Once the works are underway, there is a requirement to inspect at various stages during construction.

We employ a collaborative and approachable style, communicating with our clients in a proactive manner, whilst ensuring that all regulatory boxes are ticked and that the end result is a safe, accessible and energy efficient building.

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Building permit and inspection services include:

Issuing building permits for projects of all sizes

Carrying out mandatory inspections during construction

Issuing occupancy permits

Issuing certificates of final inspection