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Essential safety measures

Essential safety measures (ESM) are building features and systems required by the Building Regulations 2018 to keep building occupants safe, and include:

  • exit doors and paths of travel to exits
  • fire detection and occupant warning systems
  • emergency lights and exit signs
  • firefighting equipment such as fire hydrants, fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers

ESMs are typically required to be installed when a building is constructed but they may also be added, removed or altered as a building is modified and adapted throughout its life cycle. 

The Building Regulations require building owners to maintain ESMs in a state that allows them to fulfil their purpose. 

As such, ESMs also have regular ongoing maintenance requirements that are stipulated on occupancy permits and maintenance determinations that are issued for the building.  Non-compliance with ESM maintenance requirements can result in unsafe buildings and potentially to lead to fines and other enforcement action being taken by statutory authorities such as Councils and the fire brigade.

The building consultants at RBC have the expertise and experience to untangle the complex area of essential safety measures compliance, providing clear and concise reports with appropriate advice and recommendations to assist building owners and operators to make sure that all obligations are being met. 

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Essential safety measures services include:

Auditing of ESM compliance (documentary and on-site)

Auditing of ESM maintenance (documentary and on-site)

Issuing of ESM schedules

Issuing of ESM determinations

Issuing of annual essential safety measures reports (AESMR)