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BCA Performance Solutions

The mandatory compliance level in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) are the Performance Requirements, which set out in broad terms how buildings or building elements are expected to perform.

A BCA Performance Solution is a means of complying with the Performance Requirements other than by the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions.  Performance Solutions offer flexibility in design since a properly developed BCA Performance Solution ensures that a building is not restricted by the prescriptive Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions.

The team at Ryan Building Consulting hold postgraduate qualifications in the development and assessment of BCA Performance Solutions and extensive experience of the real-world application of Performance Solutions for multiple building types.

The process for development of BCA Performance Solutions is prescribed in the BCA and involves the preparation of a Performance-Based Design Brief (PBDB) for acceptance by the project stakeholders and then preparation of a BCA Performance Solution report, which sets out how the design achieves compliance with the Performance Requirements. 

BCA Performance Solution Services can only be provided for projects where Ryan Building Consulting is not providing relevant building surveyor (RBS) services.

BCA Performance Solutions services include:

Preparation of Performance-Based Design Brief

Preparation of BCA Performance Solution report

Performance Solution process and stakeholder management

Certification of BCA Performance Solutions developed by Ryan Building Consulting

Peer review of BCA Performance Solutions developed by others

Independent certification of BCA Performance Solutions developed by others